Portable Dog Feeding Water Drinking Bottle
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Portable Dog Water Bottle

To solve the problem of drinking water when pet goes out, and make it more convenient to walk the dog.

Scalable Design/ Send Water Out with One Press Filtration System/ Wide Mouth Trough Water-lock Function/ Food-grade Material

Small Size, Large Capacity

Meet the needs of pet drinking water, carry it with you, reduce the burden of travel.

Pull Out Design

Pull the trough and bottle body to the most tight state for use, otherwise the connecting position will leak water (as shown in the image below)

One Hand Operation

* Move the button to the left to unlock (as shown), and press the button down to drain the water from the bottle. * Move the button to the right to lock (as shown), lock the water to prevent leakage, and store the water in the bottle.

Reflux Design

Press the button gently, and the water will slowly flow into the bottle from the trough through the small hole.

Light and Compact

Full consideration of the travel with pet, portable hanging rope design.

Food-grade Material

Activated carbon filter: high quality round activated carbon, can effectively remove impurities and residual chlorine in water.

3 Different Colors are Offered for Your Choice

Product Information

* Product name:portable dog water bottle * Product size: 6.7*18cm * Weight: about 200g * Colors: green, pink, white

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