Waterproof Portable Solar LED Light Camping
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1. New solar bulb light, multi-functional use, outdoor stalls, night market camping, power failure emergency, etc.
2. High-efficiency solar charging board, providing continuous power, saving electricity and trouble.
3. Multi-core patch, high-brightness LED, brightness up to 300W, with high-transparent PC lampshade, 360° all-round light.
4. Three-step dimming, multiple modes, button dimming, remote dimming, strong light-medium light-flash.
5. It can charge the mobile phone, built-in large-capacity lithium battery, long-lasting battery life, can fully charge two mobile phones.
Light cup: aluminum alloy light cup
Lamp beads: multi-core
LED patch Switch control: traditional switch + remote control
Battery: 3 18650 lithium batteries
Material: Compression-resistant PC plastic 
Gears: 3 gears
Waterproof: IPX6
Model 508: remote control + solar electric display + mobile phone charging
Model 509: solar electric display + mobile phone charging
Model 511: mini charging model
Product List:
1 * Rechargeable Solar Light
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